Web Design, Relooking de site webWeb Design, redesign and Relooking

Has your web site become graphically obsolete?

Hangar 17 makes the web design customised to your website : E-commerce Magento Community, Prestashop, CMS Joomla, WordPress, eZ Publish, Drupal, specific development

We offer you a graphical model (standard page, in jpg image format) of the home page, category page, product...

We also make a complete relooking and graphical redesign of your website and the exact reintegration of its content.

The DESIGN is the key element of your website

The design constitutes the image, the identity of a company. This image bears the quality and spirit of your company. For this, we strive to give your design all the values that your company wishes to integrate and display to the world.

Hangar 17 has more than 14 years of experience in the web design for top-of-the-line web site of companies, brands, e-commerce and online luxury goods shop.

An original Web Design

We create original, attractive and unique designs so that you, our customers, can distinguish you and position you as leader of your e-commerce market, for your clients.

A Communicating Web Design

Our designs are expressive as well as lively to better communicate the goal of your activity and your company.

A User-friendly Web Design

Our designers apply all their knowledge and ergonomics to your creation which makes our designs clear and effective, for smooth usage for your visitors. Thus, the internet users quickly find what they are looking for, which saves time of them.

The creation of our Web Designs is unique

Above all it is unique! Even if there are many of you in the E-market, your company is unique, your history, your products, your know-how. All your features should be highlighted by your image, YOUR design. Your customers will identify you immediately!

The design, a meeting

The first impression should be the best! And the first impression is totally borne by your design. It is this image which will seduce your visitor totally. Even if your site offers a high technicality, before anything it is your design will stay in the minds of the visitors.

A free and imaginative design

The style, the refinement, the colors, the images, the structure of the page will attract the attention of your visitor. Thanks to this image, he will appreciate and identify you. Our creativity and our imagination realize your dreams, your ideas, and your ambitions without any limit. The result: your design will be the starting point of your future site.

Ergonomy is paramount

The appearance of your web site should be pleasant. From the home page, the visitor should be able to browse easily and should enjoy it with the colors. The presentation of the pages and the access to the content or to the subject of research should be almost instinctive. Hence the importance that Hangar 17 gives to ergonomy on your site! The visitor seduced can only return!

A refined design

The most popular and well known sites will always have a simple design, clear for the final user. The immense refinement of the creation of design is to offer precisely a design that does not produce any technical difficulty or complexity. Hangar 17 guides you all along the creation phase; we manage all the complexity of the project to offer you a clear and simple design as a result.

Our services

We create for you the complete design and its web site logo.
Pertaining to web site design, we also offer relooking, graphical redesign and 3D synthesised images. The objective is to optimize the visibility and attractiveness of your site.