French Search Engine Optimization

80% of the net surfers do not look beyond the first page.

The natural search engine optimization consists in making your website appear ahead of the results on Google so that the Internauts can find it easily.

Indeed, the research tools are used by more than 95% of the Internauts. As a consequence, they nowadays represent a necessary tool for the company to be visible.


That is why Hangar 17 offers you an efficient natural french search engine optimization which will propel your website on top of the research results for each of the requests linked to your activity.

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Activation of your website by natural Search Engine Optimization


Hangar 17 works with a team of specialists SEO that can find a solution to any of your issues, be it technical, linguistic or strategic (in-depth study of your products and websites and of those of your competitors etc.)

  • Google Search Engine Optimization multilingual : French, Indian, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Chinese etc.
  • Google Search Engine Optimization of specific websites : flash technology, dynamic websites, frame structure, commercial database etc.
  • Search Engine Optimization, submission to directories and search engines.
Search Engine Optimization, an efficient methodology
  • Analysis of your activity and of your market targets
  • Definition and choice of the key words
  • Choice of pages and optimisation (of meta tag and text in page)
  • Registration in the directories and the search engines
  • Follow-up: regular follow up of the registrations, ranking, positioning and statistics of visits on your website.