Is your website « Mobile-ready » ?


What is Responsive Web Design and how can it help you?

With the appearance on the market of new devices "Mobiles" and their resolutions
screens it is essential to have a website that fits all screen sizes. Hence the need to develop your website in Responsive Web Design.

To be competitive and stay in motion, Hangar 17 ICT offers solutions for your site to be visible on the devices in our daily lives, which are Tablets and

Soon as the majority of visitors to your website will be made primarily from hardware "Mobiles" Smartphones and Tablets. Optimizing your site for its users "Mobiles", must become a priority for the survival and visibility of your internet site.

What is Responsive Web Design?



Development method and principles of Responsive Web Design

The development method of Responsive Web relies on the flexibility of adjustable zones depending on the resolution of the screen. The images are automatically adjusted and so are the areas of texts.

The resolution is automatically detected by Media queries (queries media) which permits to know what the size of the screen is and adjust accordingly. The Browser can then adapt to 320 pixels Smartphones Tablets through 1024/1280 pixels up to 1920 pixels for large computer screens. See the example adjustable zones (Reduce your browser width to understand the principle).

Principles of Responsive Web Design



Why adapt my Responsive Web site?

The answer is clear, with the growing trend of hardware "Mobiles" and the growing number of users of these devices such as Smartphones and Tablets, your site will soon be consulted on Tablets and Smartphones.

It is therefore urgent to act and take the lead to stay visible on the media communication.

Why adapt my Responsive Web site?



Internet usage statistics on Mobiles VS. Computers

The projection of global internet users conducted by Morgan Stanley Research: Mobiles VS. Computers from 2007 to 2015.

Users will no longer need to browse the Web with desktop computers. They can now use all devices "Mobiles" Tablets and Smartphones with this Responsive Web Design Technology.

Internet usage statistics on Mobiles VS. Computers



Market share of different mobile browsers

All mobile browsers support CSS3 technology media queries, but also most browsers desktop, IE9/10, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera.

Market share of different mobile browsers



The benefits of Responsive Web design

Benefits to create and develop its website in Responsive Web mode are to improve visibility on all platforms "Mobiles" to save money and time of development, improve technical SEO for search engines and increase performance by as much as the Responsive Web is widely supported by web browsers.

The benefits of Responsive Web design Google recommends Responsive Web Design


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